Equine Manager 007 Small Herd Edition

The Equine Manager 007 Small Herd Edition is limited to 50 animals in active inventory. It also does not contain ranch management for equipment, tractors, vehicles, real estate, file cabinet and working animals. Otherwise, it has all the great livestock management features of the full version. You may upgrade to the full version at any time by paying the difference in price. The Equine Manager 007 is a sophisticated program and does what you need an equine program to do, but is very easy to use. Instead of hidden drop-down menus, this equine manager has clearly marked buttons on the screens in plain view. The display screens are presented in a neat, easy to read layout, and the reports are printed in the same order they are displayed on the screen. Includes one year of program updates.
Equine Manager 007 Small Herd Edition
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  • Item #: HRS007SM
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Price $149.00